Karen Willoughby


Hi!  My name is Karen Willoughby and I’m a certified Nutritional Therapist who believes in the power of real food to be the very best version of you. As a former All American NCAA athlete, I have always been focused on health and fitness.  However, after a car accident in 2009 and neck surgery, I needed to rebuild my body after the sheer exhaustion from the stress of surgery and an agitated nervous system.  I was in so much chronic pain, I could barely function and would need to rest every 3-4 hours.  I visited pain specialists and other highly qualified medical specialists, but no one had any suggestions of how to calm my inflamed body and stressed body.  I was sinking further and further into helplessness until I saw a practitioner who suggested a complete food overhaul.  I finally found a way to rebuild my completely wrecked body using food as medicine.  The power of real food was a foundation to rebuild my mind and body.  Real food is such a powerful form of medicine.  I was so dismayed to learn that so much conventional wisdom of “healthy food” was so damaging to so many people.  I went back to school at the Nutritional Therapy Association to learn about real food and how to make the body work and feel better.  Every morsel of food can create vitality.  I aim to help improve your well being, find foods that help you thrive, find your ideal weight, and identify food sensitivities. Do you need help with simple meals?  Do you want another voice to check in and help with food choices?  I am well versed in several different diets including Athletic Performance, Autoimmune, Anti Inflammatory, Elimination, Hormone Balancing, and Paleo. Each person has different needs and different ways of thriving through nutrition.