What they say about Karen…

“Karen is a thorough researcher and an attentive care giver in the realm of nutrition and supplements. I benefited from her skill level and knowledge as she helped me through some challenging times as I suffered from e-coli and SIBO”. Anne – frequent world traveler.

“I had such an amazing, productive experience working with Karen at Thrive! She used data from me to assess patterns that had been holding me back energy-wise and from weight loss. She gave me a strategy to implement that is totally do-able and I was able to easily work on new habits. The difference in energy levels are a game changer for my ability to parent. The regular check-ins are great for accountability and keeping on track.” Lynn – wanted to lose weight and feel better.

“Karen has been an invaluable resource as I’ve learned how critical nutrition is for my athletic performance and my well-being in general.  Not only is she highly knowledgeable and current in the world of nutrition, but also, she is wonderfully inspirational in her belief that we can truly improve our lives through smarter food choices. She has helped me understand how to use food as fuel for the demanding training that I maintain for my mountain biking and triathlon competitions, which has helped get me to the top of my game.” Anna – Top California Triathlete.